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Are you experiencing plumbing problems in your home such as backups or clogs in your bathroom or kitchen? If so, it is possible that you may have a problem with tree roots in your water or sewer lines. It is very important to trust this type of repair to an experienced plumber, such as one from our team at Elite Rooter. We have a number of different options to detect if tree roots are causing your plumbing issues, and you can trust that we will do whatever it takes to find the source of the issue.

Once we have spotted the problem, we will explore a number of different tree root removal service solutions, which are available to us. We will go over all of the details with you in order to make a decision on which option is most appropriate. It is our priority to ensure that you understand the options and how we can help.

There are a number of possible tree root removal services that are cost effective solutions such as:

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The goal of Elite Rooter in all of our locations, is to provide the Most Professional Plumbing Service possible. In addition, and above all, building our customer trust. Relationships built between our local licensed plumbers and our customers truly show when you read our testimonials. Elite Rooter is dedicated to customer satisfaction, quality service, and honest fair pricing. As a result, we have become one of the best local plumbing services in San Diego, CA.

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5.0 rating

Good plumber in SD area. Good deal using coupon from website.

M. Johnson

Thanks Elite Rooter

4.0 rating

Tech was clean and professional. Fixed issue promptly. Good experience. We will be using again in the future at our office.

Lisa F.

Camera technology was excellent

5.0 rating

We hired Elite Rooter so we could see where the block was in our mainline to our street. We were lucky they had high tech equipment that gave us a detailed view of our problem. They then worked to remove the pipe that was taken over by roots under our driveway. All is working good now.


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